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World Championship

28 of April – 1 of May 2022
Pledran, France

About us

Respect towards the dog


Every athlete will run with the dog he has and loves. Without our four legged companions, the practice of this sport, which gives us so much pleasure, would be impossible.

  • Atmosphere
    Our events take place in a warm, sympathetic and friendly atmosphere.
  • Fair Play
    Fair Play
    In the races there has to be a good competition spirit, Fair Play being the most important value.
  • Care
    Complicity must reign between human and dog.
  • Honesty
    The effort will be shared by human and the dog.
  • Clean up
    Clean up
    Respect the local and natural environment.
  • All breeds
    All breeds
    No pedigree is mandatory.
Our events

European and World Championships


ICF Championship is a place were elite athletes and simple amateurs can meet.

First ICF World Championship

Poland, 2018


Country Members

International Canicross Federation is a big sports family.
We are glad to see in our midst the new members.

For all questions and suggestions you can contact us by email.
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