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About us

Individual dog-powered sports


The federation has the following goals

  • The establishment
    The establishment
    of a European working rule for sports unifying one canine and one human athlete in the same sports effort.
  • The promotion
    The promotion
    and development of these disciplines in canine sports on the European level without any discrimination by race or origin.
  • The cooperation
    The cooperation
    with all the national federations affiliated and pursuing the same goals and the same philosophy.
  • The improvement
    The improvement
    of relations with the international administrations and authorities.
  • To study
    To study
    and introduce new disciplines in canine sports.
  • The respect
    The respect
    towards the dog is our golden rule. Complicity must reign between human and dog.

International Canicross Federation is composed by

representatives of the national federations, whose affiliation has been accepted and who are effectively assuming their duties and responsibilities.

In 2017, the mark «ICF»
(discipline and logo)

is registered at global level under reference number 016629776.

Our team

Presidium and members of Comittee


The members of the committee are elected for a term of four years

Yvon Lasbleiz


Jan-Willem Verloigne


Simon Lamen

President Technical Commission

Ivana Velkoborska

Member of the Committee

Jean-Pierre Talbot

Member of the Committee

Tatiana Otbetkina

Member of the Committee

Cushla Lamen

Member of the Committee