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Important documents:

We are happy to offer you the choice of TWO stake-outs.
Stake-out «inside the Domain»: comfortable but a bit far from the activities area.
Stake-out BIS «outside the Domain»: close to the activities area but less comfortable (basic).

The stake-out INSIDE


  • many toilets;
  • drinking water;
  • cold water showers (or hot water ones 300 m away);
  • a few connections to electricity;
  • level ground (asphalt and grass);
  • very easy access. 

To go to the activities, you will have the choice between: walking (1,2 km from the exit of the stake-out to the competitor parking) or using your vehicle.

The stake-out BIS OUTSIDE

This stake-out is in a field sois less comfortable especially in case of bad weather. It is however located on the edge of the Domain, 450 meters from the activities area.


  • many chemical toilets;
  • drinking water;
  • showers (these are those of the Domain). It is accessible via the village Ychippe.

Seeing you have the choice between 2 types of stake-out (comfortable at a relative distance versus rustic but close-by), the shuttle service therefore been cancelled.


1500 people (+ possible spectators), 2000 dogs and about 600 vehicles are expected on the event’s site with the race circuit all around. A certain number of rules of mobility have to be applied in order to avoid confusion and chaos for benefit of all. Please respect them. 

a) If you are staying at the stake-out «inside»: To access the activities area, you have the choice between walking or taking your vehicle that can be parked at the « competitor parking » (85 places). Thereafter, you will have to walk 150 m to departure zone and or of the marquee.

b) If you are staying at the stake-out BIS «outside»: You will access the activities area by foot only (450 m).

c) If you are lodging in a chalet or a gîte in the domain: You have received a pass wich provides access to your accommodation. Once on site, you will not be able to leave the premises with your vehicle during the time of competition.

d) If you are lodging outside the Domain: You will access the Domain with your vehicle and park on the « competitor parking » (85 places) located at the entrance of the activities area within 150 m of the departure zone and/or marquee. 

In case of two departures

A competitor who is registered for two starts always takes a risk. Start times are drawn by the chrono team. We will not intervene to modify these start times. As in all cases, it is up to everyone to manage their timing. If a competitor bike or scooter does not have a person to help him initially, it is his responsibility. 

Number race / anoraks

a) You will be able to keep your number race as a souvenir. 

b) The official anorak of the event will be sold at cost price (85 euro). The coat is embroided (order form on the ICF website)

Meals – Tickets meals

Make life simple, order your tickets? Tickets are sold at a very democratic rate (booking form on the ICF website). 

If you have booked a meal or meals, you will receive via your Team Manager, an envelope with your name containing the number of tickets properly labeled (day and type of meal). No ticket or no good ticket = no meal! Please be careful! 

The Saturday evening meal is offered to competitors. Everybody will receive 3 tickets (entry – dish – dessert). Accompanying persons must book this meal (booking form on the ICF website). 


Children can use the playgrounds under the parent’s responsibility.

Shops – Advertising

Only accredited businesses and exhibitors are allowed. This include sup to date insurance and social obligations. Offenders will be expelled and sued: the Courts of Namur are competent – the French language will be used.

A map of the start/finish area for the ICF Championships