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On 24 October 2020, an online meeting between ESDRA and ICF was held and attended by Monica Pacheco, Girts Eldmanis, Johan Hendriks, Tatiana Otbetkina and Yvon Lasbleiz, Jan-Willem Verloigne, Ellen Poelmans.

The two sides commended the positive momentum in the development of ESDRA-ICF relations. Both sides agreed to further enhance mutual trust, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, expand connections and strengthen cooperation in the sleddog sport area.

Both sides expressed the importance of the joint work as an overarching mechanism providing strategic direction on cooperation between ESDRA and ICF.

Both sides also agreed to work towards establishing several working groups to discuss future cooperation in such areas as legal and judicial and joint events and coordination of race calendar.

The two sides looked forward to exploring more joint activities opportunities between both organizations.

ESDRA commended the efforts of ICF to host the World and European Championships. ICF thanked ESDRA for the first step towards dialogue, as well as for constructive ideas for joint activities.

Both sides reaffirmed their commitment to maintaining and promoting sleddog sport, and the importance of resolving the disputes through peaceful dialogue.  Any agreements would be approved by General Asembleys.

Both sides agreed that the next meeting would be held at a mutually convenient time for both sides.