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We are happy to announce that there will be a second stake-out area at the European Championship in Chevetogne (Stake-out BIS). We finally got the green light from the land lord.

This stake out will be close to the start and finish area (+/- 400 meters).

Please note that this stake-out is on grass and there is no electricity available. We will install toilets and ensure water is available. The access road is narrow and sometimes a bit bumpy, so please be careful and drive slowly. We will fill up the biggest pitholes.

You have now the choice between the two stake-outs. Stake-out 1: on hard (concrete) ground + electricity + showers + toilets + water, +/- 1 km from start/finish area
Stake-out BIS: on grass, no electricity, no showers (only at start/finish area), + toilets + water, +/- 400 meter from start/finish area